About us

We are here to protect and save.

We work every day with our communities and partners to prevent emergencies, to make people safer in their homes, their places of work and where they visit.

However, emergencies do happen and when they do we will respond as quickly as possible in order to help people and save lives.

Read more about our plans, meet our executive board team and learn about our Service values

Female firefighter doing a fire exercise

Our work

Keeping people safe is what we do and we have a proud history of this.

We know that risk in our communities has changed and we now face different challenges than in the past.

It is great to see that the number of deaths from fire is falling. This is a result of years of prevention work and we have come a long way from being seen as just an emergency response service. But incidents still occur and we are ready 24/7 to respond.

Preventing fire and other incidents is an important part of our work. We aim to support and educate communities to take steps to protect themselves.

Our plans

Our Fire and Rescue Plan sets out how we will respond to our communities' current and future risks as set out in our Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP).

We need a different, flexible and more cost-effective operating model to meet those challenges. Our improvement plans will support us to adapt to the changes around us.

Our vision

"Together, we will work to end preventable fire and rescue emergencies, creating a safer world for our communities."

We will do this by:

  • involving communities and colleagues in designing our services 
  • innovating, using new technologies and approaches to reduce or remove risk 
  • influencing behaviour, design and legislation, to make living and working environments safer.

Our people

There’s a great team ethos across the Service – likened by many to a strong family.

We know the importance of what we do. And we’re all pulling together to make our communities safer.

Inclusion is our passion – we are resolved to improve the diversity of all kinds in our workforce. We are making steps forward but our gender and Black and minority ethnic diversity is a long way from where it needs to be.

We are proud of our people and their dedication to the safety of the communities in Devon and Somerset and all those who visit our counties. They dedicate much of their lives to making a difference – especially as the vast majority of operational staff are on call.

We want to ensure that the people who deliver our services are supported to have a better work-life balance, have more opportunities to develop new skills and progress, are more empowered, and are involved in shaping better services for the community.

Our values

Proud icon

We are proud to help

Doing the things we say we will do and seeing things through to the end. Demonstrating high standards. Working hard and doing our best to get the right outcomes. Being motivated, keen and willing to give things a go.

Honest icon

We are honest

Being open and clear and realistic. Admitting to and learning from mistakes. Showing trust and being trustworthy. Being responsible and accountable.

Respect icon

We are respectful

Being consistent and giving credit where it’s due. Always being polite, considerate and treating people fairly. Genuinely listening, involving and engaging others. Being inclusive to all.

Together icon

We work together

Understanding others’ needs and appreciating their demands. Positively challenging, sharing ideas, and giving feedback. Supporting others and giving practical help and advice. Being willing to adapt and change to get the best results.