Community Risk Management Plan

We are developing our new Community Risk Management Plan (CRMP) which will run from April 2022 until 2027. Historically there has been an Integrated Risk Management Plan and a Fire and Rescue Plan. The CRMP will replace these two plans with one document that outlines the risks in our communities and how we plan to manage those risks to make people safer.

CRMP survey

Thank you to everyone who completed the CRMP survey and told us more about the risks you face in your community. The survey has now closed with just under 1,700 responses having been received.

Your responses, alongside our incident data, will help us develop our CRMP. Once the draft plan is published, we will check that information has been accurately represented in the plan during a period of consultation. This will be towards the end of 2021.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the CRMP process, please email or call 01392 261287.

Learn more about our plans

Darren Peters (Head of Corporate Planning) explains a little bit more about the CRMP and why we're asking for your input. 

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