Property fire

12.43pm - 28 July 2021
Last updated
1.59pm - 25 August 2021
Incident type
Building (other)
Attending station

Fire control received multiple reports of an outbuilding and some trees on fire at the above location. 

Control immediately mobilised 2 appliances.

Once on scene crews confirmed one container used as storage well alight with smoke issuing across the main road, crews got straight to work using 2 breathing apparatus and 2 attack jets. Shortly after this crews made an assistance message for Make pumps 3 so control mobilised a further appliance which was sent to help with water relay. 

Crews confirmed that they were using 1 hose reel jet, 2 attack jets, 2 crew in Breathing Apparatus and a Thermal imaging camera, and had the fire surrounded, Crews on scene then informed control that there were 4 cylinders involved in fire and were unsure of their contents. 

Crews successfully extinguished the fire using 4 breathing apparatus 2 attack jets 1 thermal Imaging camera and 1 hose reel jet, the contents of 2 containers measuring approximately 2x10 Metres were 80% destroyed by fire 4 cylinders were cooled by fire service personnel back to an ambient temperature. 

Crews believe this to be accidental ignition from a bonfire that was left unattended adjacent to the storage units. 

These are the full details.